Programmer of Machining and Welding machines and Equipments

  • Napísal(a)  Mgr. Ivana Karpatyová
  • Prečítané 624 krát

The length of Education: 4 years

Study fields are stated for: boys

Conditions for acceptance to study field:

- Successful ending of the 9th grade on the Primary school

- Health competence

The form of finishing the educational process:

- School leaving examination

Document of finishing the educational process:

- School leaving certificate

- Skill certificate

Level of education that is provided:

- Complete secondary technical education and professional training in the field of service and programming automated mechanical devices

Tie-in professional training:

- Configuration utility

- University education

Future career:

Graduates of the field Programming of Machining and Welding Machines and equipments are preparing for the work in corporations, firms and self-business activity in the areas:

Region of production:

- Service of classical machine tools and devices – manual welding of material

- Programming and service of NC machine

- Service of automatic and semi-automatic machines for welding

- Programming and service of manufacturing welding robot

Graduates can work in areas:

- Technological preparation of manufacture – technologist, preparation of manufacturing

- Constructional preparation of manufacture – constructor

- Organisation and control – production dispatcher, technical controller, master

Priority of the field:

- Field of study: school-leaving certificate + skill certificate

- Certificate for service of robotized workplace for welding, knowledge of service of computer techniques

- Control of programming and service of automatic and robotized machine device

- Welding card